Have you seen the latest Target commercial?  For a 30 second spot, it does what it is supposed to do.  It catches your attention with that 60's pop tune So Groovy.  Then as you are drawn into the party preparation, you find yourself wishing you were invited.  As I write this, that catchy tune is playing in my mind in an endless loop.  But I have to admit, it is doing it's job.  I am remembering the Target spot.  And that is the point, isn't it? Mission accomplished! 

So yes, the Target commercial is cool and hip.  Makes you want to throw a party of your own.  But will it live up to the Target party?  Will the guests be as cool and sexy as the guests are in the commercial.  Will the decor that  you picked be as nice as the ones that are advertised?  More important, will the guests that were invited show up and when they do, will they have a good time?  All valid questions.  But the only way to find out is to plan the party!  It being October, Halloween is right around the corner, and who does not love a great costume party?   Have fun setting the scene.  Imagine your guests coming in and seeing the all of the Halloween accents set up around the house to compliment all of the costumes that will be worn by them and you! Whether you are planning a Halloween party for the kids or something more adult be creative and have fun! 

Halloween kicks off the party season for rest of the year. You have Thanksgiving, the biggest dinner party of the season, followed by Christmas  and of course New Years eve.  So whether you are planning the party or attending one, just remember, it's a party!  Don't get too caught up with how you want the party to look,  No need to panic if you don't have the exact pattern to match that table cloth or you may have dishes was not what you had in mind.  The point is to have a great time.  As the song in the commercial says: " I think it’s so groovy now, That people are finally getting together."

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